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Giving to Summit

What does Summit do with donations?

Summit Church is diligent about stewarding donated money well. Our financials are available at any time and are posted on our notice board in our building. Some of the ways we use our funds are:

  • US and World Missions

    • We support Chi Alpha at the University of Wyoming​

    • We support missionaries to Native Americans

    • We support Speed the Light - a missions program to provide
      transportation and communication equipment to missionaries

    • We support BGMC - Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge
      The 1st Sunday of the month we collect loose change and send that
      to BGMC where they use it to provide materials to missionaries or
      use it to fund critical needs projects such as Ukraine Relief and Convoy
      of Hope

    • We support various missionaries in Spain, Israel, Arab world, France, Scotland and other countries.

  • Community Outreach Projects

    • Annual Easter Egg Hunt​

    • Free Kettle Corn or Puncher Corn at Community Events

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